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Pitchfork review Allstars Vol 1
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Mike Powel reviews Allstars Vol 1 on Pitchfork:

“Some of the synths here are noxious enough to peel paint from the walls, and though the futurist crunk of Girl Unit’s “Wut” is the only song to feature an actual airhorn, airhorns are implied throughout.”

“Night Slugs’ record covers– all designed by co-founder and label contributor Bok Bok– are always combinations of black and one or two other colors, presented in various shades. Usually, the image is geometric and semi-architectural (a suspension bridge and car; glowing pistons spelling out words), but presented against a completely black background in a way that makes them look iconic, like they’re without space or landscape. I mention them because they’re a strong analogue for the label’s musical style: Not only do the bright colors sing in the darkness, but they’re given a proper spectrum. In the same way the tracks remind me that there’s a lot of range to be extracted from the seemingly monotonous blast of a rave synth, the covers remind me that hot pink can get as close to purple as it can to white– range in places you might expect to be limited. Listen to this comp more than a few times and you’ll probably start to hear chasms between stuff like Bok Bok & Cubic Zirconia’s “Reclash (Dub)” and Girl Unit’s ever-luxurious “Wut”. The palettes are similar, but the ends to which they’re used– and the moods they evoke– are different.”

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