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Bok & Girl Unit in conversation

Bok & GU discuss humour, striving for timelessness and  ”Call Me Maybe” (again) for RBMA

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Egyptrixx Fireside Chat with RBMA

Egyptrixx checks in with RBMA for an intimate chat.

RBMA Radio: Bok Bok Fireside Chat
Bok Bok RBMA Lecture (New York, 2013)
Bok Bok lecture @ RBMA 2013 NYC

“Nightclubs are the main context for Night Slugs. It’s where our music is meant to live.”

Watch the lecture on Vimeo

Revolutions In Sound

This Thursday the 13th October, L-Vis & Bok Bok will be DJing inside one of the London Eye’s 33 capsules, as part of RBMA’s Revolutions In Sound event.